The majestic and gracious birch tree, in Danish "birk", is found many places in Denmark. We love it for its simple lines, its coolness and its beautiful colors that change according to the seasons.

And then BIRK is also our family name. So what was more natural than to give this name to our company?

Be unique

BIRK DANISH DESIGN is a small and exclusive design company offering unique and handmade luxury products from Denmark.

Our signature is amber and you'll find precious Danish coastal amber incorporated into allmost all our designs.

Our products are all carefully selected and meet the highest quality criteria. They are designed by local Danish designers and produced in Denmark using the finest materials.

Every product is totally unique in its design. You will not find us in chain stores and you will not meet someone wearing what you are. We sell exclusively through personal contacts in China and Hong Kong and via this website.

When you buy BIRK DANISH DESIGN, you buy a genuine piece of the highest quality. And a piece of Danish design.

Inspired by nature

At BIRK DANISH DESIGN we're inspired by nature. We love playing with the materials and the colors that we find in the nordic outdoors.

Most of all we love the Danish coastal amber in its most exclusive shapes and colors. We use it in most of our products turning them into a combination of clothing and jewelry.

Simplicity, pure lines, harmony. We strive to translate it all into carefully designed products.

The amber that we use in our products is exclusively coastal amber found along one of the many Danish coastlines.

Every single stone is carefully polished and shaped by our local amber artisan. Read more about coastal amber and the creative process behind our products here.