Throughout the world, Danish design is considered a sign of quality. Danish products are famous for their combination of functionality, simplicity and aesthetics. They reflect a strong tradition for freedom and individual expression along with a longstanding history of high quality craftsmanship.

Danish designers often take risks. They work to express their creativity rather than to please. It can be edgy and unexpected. But never boring and mainstream.

Danish design is an attitude and a statement rather than a product. When you buy into Danish design, you buy into the Scandinavian way of living and expressing yourself. It is luxury but not flashy. Difficult to describe in words but you will recognize it when you see it.

Prominent examples of Danish designs are Bang & Olufsen (high tech), Lego (toys), Birger Christensen (fur), Louis Poulsen (lamps), Arne Jacobsen (architecture and furniture) and Georg Jensen (silverware). Just to mention a few.

Fashion for the Few

We are proud of the Danish design history and we aim at promoting it at our own modest level by bringing high quality products from local Danish designers to the world.

We want to stay true to our values and will rather satisfy the few than please the many.

The Opera House in Sydney, designed by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon, is a perfect illustration of Danish design. With it simple and pure lines, it seems to fade into the surrounding nature. All while having a powerful presence and its own personality.

Go for the original

When a chair is just a chair. And when that is exactly what makes it beautiful.

Made by one of the most famous Danish designers, Arne Jacobsen, this chair has become an icon throughout the world. It is also the most copied chair ever.

At BIRK DANISH DESIGN we believe in orginals rather than in mainstreams.

Make it a statement.