Our amber artisan

All the coastal amber that we use at BIRK DANISH DESIGN has been in the hands of our own amber artisan. He has found it himself and personally evaluated it to determine its value and use. He has weighed it, shaped it, polished it and turned it into a unique piece of jewelry.

Learn more about the origins of our amber and share the passion of our artisan here.

Danish amber

We use only Danish coastal amber in our designs and jewelry. A large majority of the amber that is sold on the global market today originates from Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries. There is also quite a lot of amber to be found in China, especially in the northern regions. However, Danish amber is particularly known and appreciated internationally for its high quality. 

And because BIRK DANISH DESIGN is all about quality, our own amber artisan exclusively works with amber found on the local beaches in Denmark.

Being created, colored and shaped by nature every single piece of amber that we use in our designs is unique and has its own history. 

One thing that sets Danish amber apart is that it's all coastal amber. Found on one of the many beaches in the country rather than in a mine. It has spent around forty millions years in the Nordic seas.

Being a pure product of nature, amber is attributed a range of health benefits that we invite you to explore here.

Fake or real?

The world is full of fake amber and it can be very hard, even for experts, to determine if a piece is genuine or fake.

To help you see if you hold a real piece of amber in your hand, we have gathered some useful advice here.