H.C. Andersen

We are brought up with his fairy tales. They are an integrated part of Danish culture and familiar to any child in our country.

He is born in a small and for many unknown country but today he is known throughout the entire world.

If you haven't met him yet, we invite you to explore H.C. Andersen's universe and allow yourself to get lost. In a good way.


Denmark is the most southern country of Scandinavia, consisting of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It is a very small country of only 43.000 square kilometers and six million inhabitants.

Is is situated in the north of Europe and composed by more than 400 islands with the only terrestian border being with Germany. 

Denmark has more than 7.000 kilometers of coastline.

A land of fairy tales

Denmark is a land of fairy tales. The oldest kingdom in the world and home country to one of the famous story tellers that the world has ever known.

At BIRK DANISH DESIGN we follow the Danish tradition of story telling. We don't just sell a product. We sell a story of nature, of creation, of local people applying their skills without compromise to produce the highest quality.

No sharp corners but a soft and rolling landscape. And a harmony that we strive to reflect in our products.

It's all very simple. And yet very beautiful. Maybe because less is more?

Denmark is a small and for many rather unknown country. We don't have any mountains or valleys, no skyscrapers, no deepwater divings sites nor coral reefs.

What we do have is a special harmony that leads many tourists to get the feel that they're visiting a land of fairytales. Not only when they stroll in the famous Tivoli amusement park in the middle of Copenhagen but also when they venture out of the capital to visit one of the many islands.

Not a lot of show but the discretion of the little mermaid as she look into the harbor of Copenhagen. She attracts people from all over the world who are astounded by her grace and softened down appearance.