Reasons to invest in Danish coastal amber

Amber is more rare than gold and the price on the world market is increasing steadily.

96% of the amber on the global market is mining amber with 90% originating from the same mine in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Coastal amber amounts for no more than 4% of amber found on the global market and Danish coastal amber represents less than 1%.

Coastal amber is considered more precious and of a higher quality than mining amber because the sea has shaped the amber and eliminated the parts of the stone that are not of the absolute highest quality.

Only 10% of the production of mining amber is even close to comparable to coastal amber in terms of quality.

Coastal amber can be used directly for jewelry thanks to its natural beauty created by the sea. Mining amber traditionally needs industrial processing.

Our Danish coastal amber is collected by the most prominent amber specialist in Denmark.

Amber is integrated part of Danish history and values which is why very little Danish amber is exported. The Danes simply like to keep it for themselves.